Stnky Cheese Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

Hello everybody!  No picture again this week, and fairly terse descriptions to boot, since this week has been a blur…and it’s only Tuesday.

First off, we have the ever popular Applewood Smoked Gruy√®re from Red Apple Cheeses  This is a favorite around here and is actually the reason that I started bringing in cheese every Tuesday.  The smokiness is not overpowering, and the taste of the cheese is divine.  Beautiful as always.

Next we have Kerrygold’s Dubliner, another standard that everyone enjoys here.  Like a slightly sweet, aged cheddar, Dubliner is a great cheese for snacking on, and I’m sure that it would absolutely liven up a burger or mac & cheese.  I need more data on that, however.  To the lab!

Lastly is BelGioioso’s Crumbly Gorgonzola.  This one was raved over by the folks that don’t really like blue cheeses.  It is incredibly creamy, but the pungent bite of a typical Gorgonzola was replaced by a mild "meh".  If it had not been called Goggonzola then I may have not been so disappointed by it.  It is a very nice tasting cheese, but Gorgonzola it is not.

Stay Cheesy!

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