Stinky Cheese Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016


Sorry about missing last week! I was at the dentist for routine maintenance. I think that I more than made up for it this week, ’cause it was amazing.

Starting with the wedge on the left we have Stella Aged Asiago. The only thing that I wish that I’d had was some honey to go along with it. It has all the nuttiness of Asiago, coupled with the saltiness that aging brings out. It was like the best of Asiago smashed together with the best of Parmigiano. Absolutely supurb.

The block on the left is Les 3 Comtois Comté. Good grief was that an incredible cheese! It was not as strong smelling as Liberté’s Compté, but still had a very strong flavor that is almost like Emmental². Super nutty, with a slightly grainy texture, this cheese knocked my socks off.

The last cheese that looks like a layer cake is Clawson’s Huntsman. It is two layers of Blue Stilton sandwiched between layers of Double Gloucester, and the two go hand in hand. Clawson’s Blue Stilton is one of the strongest blues that I’ve ever had, so you get a really sharp, blue funk coupled with the creamy, buttery, mild cheddar flavor from the Double Gloucester and it adds up to a symphony of delight for your taste buds. This one was by far the best of the day, and that is really saying something given the quality of the other two cheeses.

Until next week, stay cheesy!