Sometime, towards the end of 2011, I found a blueberry Wensleydale in the funky cheese section of Costco.  I brought it in for part of my lunch and shared it with the rest of the IT department at McCormick Theological Seminary where it was greatly enjoyed.  A couple of weeks later I decided to bring in a gruyere and shared it with the IT department and development team.  It was then that Stinky Cheese Tuesday was born.

Every Tuesday since, with the exception of once while on vacation, once when I just plain forgot, and once right after back surgery I have brought in different cheeses that are not only shared with the faculty, staff and student employees of MTS, but also the Refectory and some of the members of neighboring Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago.

Now I want to see it become a movement.  To see Stinky Cheese spread across the land and share space with the noble Tacos on Tuesday.  To see peoples’ appreciation and understanding of cheese go beyond the Triumvirate of Normalcy– cheddar, swiss and mozzarella.  To watch the timid try a pungent Blue Stilton and be better for it, even if they found that it was not agreeable.  To slowly elevate the Cheesemongers and Cheese Makers of the world to the status that their artistry deserves.  With your help, all of this is possible!

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Sharing Space With The Tacos