Stinky Cheese Tuesday, May 20th, 2014


Hello everybody!  This is a special twofer Stinky Cheese Tuesday since Pastor Barb is holding court at McCormick and I’m hosting Stinky Cheese Tuesday in my home town of Longmont, Colorado.  My mom had surgery today (which went fine!) and Kristi and I had to keep Dad distracted during the whole thing.  My dad had a catastrophic stroke about four and a half years ago.  You can read a whole lot more about him here and see some of my photography to boot.  Part of the bit of his brain that was injured by the stroke was the bit that controls emotional behavior.  Having him at the hospital would have been a bad idea, so we took him to the Longmont Cheese Importers instead.  If I’d had the presence of mind, I would have taken a whole bunch of photos but I was too awestruck to have thought of it.  They have a huge refrigerated cheese room with enough variety to keep me going for years!  Crackers, jams, wines, salamis — anything that could possibly make your cheese experience complete.  I want to go there when I die!

Anyway, on to the cheese!  First off, we have the Blasers Antonella Garden Vegetable and Sweet Basil.  This cheese is a mild cheddar with carrots, chives, bell peppers and tomatoes, caked with fresh sweet basil.  It is an outstanding combination of flavors and almost makes you feel like you are eating something as healthy as salad.

Next, the Coombe Castle Sage Derby was absolutely delicious!  It is another mild cheddar but with a huge helping of dried sage mixed in.  Very savory and herbaceous, just a real joy to eat.  If you ask me.  Kristi and Dad were both a bit put off by this one.  Your mileage may vary.

Also on the agenda for today was Henning’s Garlic and Dill Cheddar Cheese Curds.  Kristi is all about the “squeeky” cheese and cheese curds in particular.  Mixed with her love of dill and garlic, this was right up her alley.  While I wouldn’t call the cheddar sharp, it certainly was not a mild cheddar.  The dill and garlic are pretty much in your face with this cheese as well.  Thumbs up from everyone on this cheese!

Lastly, I had to introduce Dad to No Woman.  I guess that there is no accounting for taste, since he really did not like it in the least.  Well, I guess that leaves more for me!

For those of you at McCormick today, Barb brought in the following cheeses (and the descriptions are hers, too!):

Champagne Cheddar from Dietz & Watson — a mild white cheddar with the champagne on the finish, just a whiff and a promise of the bubbly.

Apple Smoked Gruyere from Red Apple Cheese —  nice Gruyere, mild, with a smoky glow. Not apple-y, just smoky!

Balsamic Bella Vitano Reserve from Sartori — aged in Balsamic Vinegar but not vinegary at all. It captures the oaky sweetness of the balsamic which stands up to the sturdiness of the cheese.

So there you have it, a double-dose of cheesage for your Tuesday enjoyment!  An extra special thanks to Pastor Barb for stepping up, stepping in, and making sure that McCormick, the Refectory and LSTC were not devoid of cheesy goodness today!

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  1. I have just been informed by a British expat friend from the Red Matrix that Derby cheese is not a cheddar, but a cheese unto itself. It is made with a cheddar base but does not go through a cheddaring process. Thanks Paul!

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