Fungal Cheese Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Hey everybody!  I decided to bring a bunch of blue cheeses today, making for a very special, Fungal Cheese Tuesday.

First off, we’ll start with the one non-blue cheese that I brought in, Kerrygold’s Red Leicester.  I’ve tried other Red Leicesters and been a bit on the unimpressed side.  It is like a super mild cheddar, and I figured that if Kerrygold makes it, then it must be "best of breed".  Sure enough, Kerrygold’s is like a super mild cheddar, too.  So there you have it.  Kind of boring as far as cheeses go.

Next we have Castello’s Sage, a Blue Brie.  This cheese is so creamy that it hurts, with just a hint of earthy blueness.  It is a remarkable flavor combination that got a ton of compliments.

The other Castello cheese for the day, Castello’s Traditional Danish Blue is intensely strong.  It will punch you right in the taste buds and you will like it!  It is absolutely amazing, and my favorite by far.

Lastly I brought Clawson’s Blue Stilton.  The funk is strong with this cheese.  The aftertaste was a bit off putting for a lot of people, but I really love this cheese as well.  @Satipera should try this one on his porridge sometime!

Stay Cheesy!