Stinky Cheese Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

Howdy, folks!  Another week with no pictures, so you’ll have to use your imagination.  I do it all the time!  Like the time I tore Saturn apart with just the power of my mind and then put it back together again so that no one would know.  Or when I started a successful stint as a skull farmer and cornered the market in shrunken heads.  On to the cheese…

This was more of a "Simple Cheese Tuesday" than a Stinky one.  We started off with Red Apple Cheese’s Kosher Extra Sharp Cheddar.  I must admit to bing a bit confuzzled about what the difference between kosher and non-kosher cheese could possibly be, but the good people at Kosher Quest were able to fill me in.  Basically, the rennet used must either be vegetable based or from a kosher animal ritually slaughtered under rabbinical supervision, and it has to be made under rabbinical supervision as well.  Apparently there is an ancient injunction about eating cheeses made by gentiles.  As far as this particular cheese is concerned, it is a fairly mild cheddar in flavor, but does have a bit of a bite at the end.  Definitely worth it, especially since I learned something interesting in the process!

Next is BelGioioso Asiago.  If you need a basic, nothing fancy, but still solidly good asiago, this is the one to get.  A great hard, salty cheese with just the right amount of saltiness to give it a wonderful aftertaste.  A good cheese, and today’s favorite by a large margin.

Lastly is Great Midwest Habanero Jack  This one has been here before, and just last month at that.  Shame on me!  Anyway, with as tasty as this cheese is, I hope that I can be forgiven for bringing it in after a mere six week hiatus.  Just a touch of heat unless you get a seed.  In which case, keep the milk handy!

Stay Cheesy!