Stinky Cheese Tuesday, June 10th, 2014


Hello everybody!  Today we have two fairly pedestrian cheeses and one that is just plain amazing.

Starting with the far right, we have a Country Connection Farmhouse Parmesan.  Yet another cheese from our unGooglable friends from Wisconsin with no web presence, this is a wonderful Parmesan.  Salty, nutty, dry and hard, this is as good a parmesan as you’ll find anywhere.

Next is Locatelli’s Pecorino Romano.  I have never tasted a finer Romano cheese, quite frankly.  It is a very salty cheese, and Locatelli is pretty much the gold standard of Romano cheeses.  This would have been the clear winner had it not been for the last one.

Ski Queen Gjetost is spectacular!  Gjetost (YEH-toast) is a Norwegian cheese that is made from the whey instead of the curds.  The goat milk whey is boiled until it is caramelized which gives it a sweet taste, combined with the nutty flavor from the goat milk yeilds a flavor that is more akin to Nutella than a normal cheese.  I can’t wait to make a dessert fondue with this one!  It made my mouth very happy, and everyone came back for seconds if not thirds.

Have fun, and happy cheesing!